Food, Inc. premiers in Kansas City tonight

The movie Food, Inc. will finally debut in Kansas City at Tivoli Cinemas tonight. It was released on the coasts last month and has garnered overwhelming praise. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 97 percent fresh rating and The Pitch review called it “expertly crafted,” while admitting it will scare the bejesus out of you when it comes to food.

Fat City posted the trailer in April and it’s been featured on Apple’s Web site since. Also, Director Robert Kenner spoke to Plog yesterday about trying to interview Big Ag companies and what sort of audience he hopes the film will reach:

[Big Ag companies] do everything possible to not let the consumer know what’s in

their food. With rBST [a bovine growth hormone], not only do they not

want you to know it’s in the food, but they’ll sue companies that say they’re not using it.

So I’m thinking, if we have a free society and free markets they’ve got

to be based on information. But we’re denied that information, so we’re

not able to make the right choices.

…Ultimately the demographic that’s seeing this film, it’s mothers … It’s not Democrats or Republicans. It’s people who have to feed

their children who are most interested.

Kenner was also on The Daily Show last week:

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