Folkicide brings all the weird to Davey’s tonight

Listening to Folkicide’s June-released The Meaningless Glare of Broken Human Beings, it’s hard to imagine a sound more at odds with itself. Lead singer Burnie Booth’s voice hovers between monotonous and whiny — a sort of off-key drone that would have been perfectly charming in the late 1990s. Add that to the halfhearted plucking of what sounds like tired strings on an untuned guitar and a rhythm section so rife with mood swings that it sounds like it needs therapy, and it all starts to suggest a score for a mockumentary about haunted houses.

Still, there’s something about Human Beings that is deeply fascinating. As each song ends, you wait for the next to sound somehow more normal. It never happens, and Booth is probably fine with that. Hear the weirdness live tonight at Davey’s.

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