Flying Saucers

Frisbee has long been the unofficial sport of the barefoot, the dreadlocked, the stoned. Expand your mind, dude. Between today and August 1, nearly 1,000 professional and amateur disc golfers arrive here for the PDGA Disc Golf World Championships. This is your chance to watch local Frisbee-chuckers Arturo Villarreal, David Hemmeline and Eric McCabe huck saucer-shaped pieces of plastic at distant metal baskets as they compete to be the best. “The barefoot hippie thing, it adds a bit of color to our sport,” co-organizer John Chatham says. “But these guys and gals are pretty good athletes.” Organizers admit that disc golf can be an acquired taste but promise a totally rad aerial show. Still not feeling it? There’ll be beer sales at the Saturday finals at Blue Valley Park (2301 Topping). See for a full listing of events.

July 25-Aug. 1, 2009