Flier of the Week: Outbreak at Club Neon

Hey, I know this isn’t exactly “local.” When it comes to Springfield, we’re probably moving into the realm of “regional” at that point.

But the Jeff Bilberry-designed flier is just badass, right? Very Japanese horror, while at the same time conjuring up images of H1N1 and hiding in your basement. The green adds some nastiness to it, as well. The newsprint background of the guy with the syringe gives the whole thing an underlying sense of authority.

This is a full-bore punk show. Outbreak is touring in support of their self-titled release on Think Fast! Records, due out November 10. Soul Control is on Bridge 9, while Only the Brave and This Above All hail from Springfield and Joplin, respectively. It’s gonna be a hardcore show!

If you’ve got the gas, money, and time, head on down to Springfield. Seems those cats know what’s going on as far as punk shows go. Why do the cool little bands always play the places like Springfield?

MP3: Outbreak, “Human Target”

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