Flier of the Week: Drakkar Sauna at the Jackpot

Lawrence’s Drakkar Sauna plays the Jackpot this Saturday night. The band is celebrating the release of their new album, 20009.

The flier for the show was created by Leslie Kay, who is probably best known for her talents as booker for the Jackpot and Replay. As you can see, however, she’s a talented artist, as well, doing such things as these wonderful screen print fliers. If you head to her site, you can find images of fliers she’s done for artists like Ad Astra Per Aspera and Split Lip Rayfield. Miss Kay is also a member of Ladies of Lawrence Artwork, a sort of guild made up of Lawrence Ladies doing artwork (why I felt the need to explain that, I have no idea) who do art showings at places like the Jackpot, as opposed to your usual galleries.

As a matter of fact, LOLA has a show tomorrow at the Corner Church in Lawrence, at 1000 New York Street. It doesn’t feature Miss Kay, but you will be able to find jewelery from Kylie Grater, and Kendra Marable’s greeting cards and small art, amongst others. The show runs from 1-6pm.

The rocket ship on the flier ties into the cover for 20009, which is what makes it kind of cool. I’m always a fan of fliers that somehow reference something the band has done — a Neko Case flier with tigers, for example. The cover art for 20009 is a creepily tweaked photo of some astronauts. You can check it out over at the Marriage Records website, as well as order a copy of the new record.

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