Flaming Lips’ Christmas On Mars Premiere This Weekend In Kansas City, Details and Interviews

As you already know from reading this week’s Pitch music feature on the release of the Flaming Lips’ original movie, Christmas On Mars, the backyard flick is showing tonight at 9 p.m. and Saturday at 8 p.m. at Screenland in the Crossroads, 1656 Washington.

We’re not the only ones on it. The local dudes behind Scene-Stealers.com will also be on hand. Here’s the interview the Stealers conducted with Lips frontman Wayne Coyne talking about the film.

It also has a Pt. 2.

And a Pt. 3

Scene-Stealer Eric Melin tells us that tonight (and probably tonight only), Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock will be at the screening to sign autographs and stuff.

Make like Arnold in Total Recall and get your ass to Mars.

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