First-Friday Hit list

• Nobody likes a good portmanteau more than Neuromancer author William Gibson, or whoever came up with the term sexcapade. An interesting partnership of Kansas City artists comprising Matthew Endersbe and Chad Collins and called Surimpop makes its debut at Belle Epoque Salon (1518 Walnut, 816-421-2040) at 6 p.m. “Surimpop” is a clever portmanteau of surrealism, impressionism and pop. Belle Epoque, meanwhile, is French for, as far as I can tell, beautiful time. So have a beautiful time at tonight’s opening. Take in the fusion of forms, including cubism and realism, and maybe get your bangs trimmed.• Speaking of collaborative art endeavors: Photographer Emily Lodigendsky makes semi-abstract digital collages from a databank of textures and backdrops she photographs in the field, combining them with figures and forms into ambiguous works that challenge the documentary function of photography — and are also real pretty. Photographer Mollie Hull’s focus is capturing people and environments in as natural a state as she finds them. What could they possibly have in common? Like Tango and Cash, a love of law enforcement. But with regard to art in Kansas City, they are now collaborating on their new M/E Photography, a lifestyle portraiture studio at 504 East 18th Street, which celebrates its opening with a reception — meet the photographers from 6 to 10 p.m.• The paintings of Lawrence-based Molly Murphy have a scratchy, textural quality, a visual dryness underlying the often lush tendrils of foliage and ornate linework that surround her figures — masked wrestlers, middle-aged nudes, Madonnas. Tonight she opens Spatial Constructions, an exhibit of work at BNIM Architects in the historic Power and Light Building at 106 West 14th Street. The paintings, drawings, multimedia collages and textual works (which explore issues of environmental degradation and personal morality) will be displayed in the building’s windows through the summer. For more information, see— Chris Packham

Fri., Aug. 6, 6-10 p.m., 2010