Fire Starters

Flashbulb Fire‘s swirling, atmospheric sound fits somewhere between introspective piano rock and Radiohead copycat. The Denver band claims a lush catalog that makes for dreamy listening, as long as you don’t get caught up in the incisive, sharp-tongued lyrics. We could see that band you like/Even though I heard those guys are dicks, Patrick McGuire sings over lilting acoustic strums and shimmering electric guitar. The band played South By Southwest in the spring, and it’s due to appear at CMJ in New York this month in support of its 2009 release, Glory. Tonight’s packed bill also includes Kamera, Broken Mast, People Depot and Tangent Arc. It’s at Crosstown Station (1522 McGee, 816-471-1522). Tickets cost $8, and the show starts at 9 p.m.— Elke Mermis

Wed., Oct. 13, 2010

Categories: Music