Fight is a-brewing: Starbucks and McDonald’s take off the gloves

To paraphrase former Vice President Thomas Marshall, what this country needs is a good one-dollar cup of coffee. Yet McDonald’s and Starbucks are determined to take coffee to a higher (and more profitable) level. 

Two days ago, I was sent this incredibly boring Starbucks’ promotional video in which CEO Howard Schultz sits around a table with some frightened baristas and asks them what they think of Starbucks’ new print ads.

Surprise! The baristas say they like them and they all laugh at the ads that say things like “Starbucks or nothing. Because compromise leaves a really bad aftertaste,” and “Beware of a cheaper cup of coffee. It comes with a price.”

Although the ads never mention McDonald’s, Starbucks is inferring that McDonald’s is the place with inferior, cheap cups of coffee. The Golden Arches quite coincidentally have also launched an advertising campaign this week for McCafé, the new coffee machines in nearly all of the company’s stores.

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