Fight head-in angle parking in Columbus Park

KC Bike Info wants you to fight head-in angle parking in Columbus Park. A proposed mixed-use development in Columbus Park would use angle parking on 5th Street — a BikeKC route.

Why fight it? KC Bike info says it’s dangerous and offers this handy guide. But the gist, head-in angle parking is dangerous because cars are blindly backing into traffic and possibly striking a bicyclists. They say back-in angle parking is a better option (see the photo above).

Sounds like they have an uphill battle, though. Here’s a clip from KC Bike Info’s post:

The city’s Public Works Department and City

Plan Commission have recommended reversing the standard angle parking

so that cars don’t back into traffic (and bicycles) when exiting

parking stalls.

Unfortunately the developers are opposed to this change and 1st District Councilmembers Deb Hermann and Bill Skaggs are pushing for the more dangerous head-in angle parking.

Planning and Zoning will discuss the issue at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. If you feel strongly, KC Bike info gives a whole lot of ways to help fight the power.

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