Farm to Market brings back chile cheese sourdough for limited run

  • Farm to Market
  • A limited edition Chile Cheese Sourdough from Farm to Market will be available starting tomorrow.

If you’re a fan of Kansas City’s Farm to Market sourdough loaf, tomorrow marks the opening day – of a limited 17-day run – for the company’s chile cheese bread, a sourdough loaf, baked with pieces of cheddar cheese and bits of fiery jalapenos, that hasn’t been on store shelves for a year. The round loaves will be featured in select stores October 11-27.

The loaves, 7 inches in diameter, feature a light crust that is slightly chewy and golden, with a soft open crumb. The cheddar and jalapeno flavors are bold but not overpowering. It’s perfectly delicious toasted with butter in the morning or used in a savory bread pudding.

It’s a terrific loaf to use for a grilled cheese sandwich, particularly when the weather takes another cold turn (closer to Halloween, according to some weather reports). A sharp cheddar makes a fine grilled cheese sandwich on this bread, which grills beautifully – use butter! – but I prefer a more subtle cheese like Swiss or provolone, to let the flavors baked into the bread have the dominating note.

Farm to Market’s chile cheese bread will be sold, during the 17-day run, at Cosentino’s Brookside Market, select Hen House stores, the Brookside Price Chopper, Marsh’s Sun Fresh and the Merc in Lawrence.

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