Ex-Missouri political power broker Rod Jetton pleads not guilty

Rod Jetton didn’t appear in court today but his defense attorney reportedly entered a not guilty plea for him to second-degree felony assault charges in connection with choking and punching a woman during a night of sex. Jetton will also get a new judge to hear the case.

There’s at least three versions of what Jetton, the former Missouri Speaker of the House, is being charged for.

First, there were reports of rough sex gone wrong (more here) with the alleged incident occurring at a woman’s home in Sikeston, Missouri, in mid-November (read the complaint here). The night started with the alleged victim and Jetton watching football and drinking wine. The woman claimed she faded in and out of consciousness after drinking a glass of wine poured out of sight by Jetton.

The night ended with Jetton allegedly punching and choking out the woman, who told police after Jetton choked her out, she woke up and Jetton was having sex with her from behind.

The next morning, Jetton supposedly told the woman: “You should have said green balloons.” He was apparently referring to a safe word that would have stopped the rough sex play.

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