Ex-GM exec investigates BPU


Ex-General Motors executive George Turner started his investigation of the Kansas City, Kansas, Board of Public Utilities today.

Yesterday, Unified Government Mayor Joe Reardon announced Turner’s appointment as special master to investigate the BPU’s business practices. Turner’s 60-day “fact-finding mission” comes in addition to the Unified Government’s legislative auditor reviewing the BPU’s procurement and payment processes and an internal investigation of the utility being conducted by Clarence M. Kelley & Associates, Inc.

The announcement of Turner’s appointment was the latest fallout from the indictments of a high-ranking BPU official and a consultant for allegedly stealing $400,000 from the utility. However, Turner’s focus won’t veer toward the criminal investigation. Reardon said Turner’s job will be to “ensure the utility is operated effectively, efficiently and in the best interest of the ratepayers in the community.”

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