Exene Cervenka

“It Ain’t Supposed to Be” by Exene Cervenka and the Original Sinners, from Sev7en (Nitro Records):

Not all punks age well. Lee Ving left Fear, the band, to star in Clue, the movie. Bad Brains’ H.R. got irie and now baffles interviewers with moon-man gibberish. And Henry Rollins continues to jerk himself off with spoken-word albums and a cable talk show.

Among the alumni of U.S. punk’s first wave, Exene Cervenka has grown up most gracefully, shirking celebrity in favor of rock and roll, finding her niche as a dive-bar diva and settling down in Jefferson City, Missouri. She has maintained the rag-doll charm and brassy confidence of her X days, and she now tours with her band, the Original Sinners, hitting Davey’s Saturday at 9 p.m.

It’s rockabilly without kitsch, a pastiche of surf guitars, punk rhythms and romantic but robust vocals that recall the best gin-soaked country crooners.

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