Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee and more

Pauline Fujita was a typical grad student who spent many a night guzzling coffee and studying. Until one day, she realized that she loved the brew in the cup more than the info in the book. Thus, a graduate-student determination to figure out what makes coffee coffee.

Her paper, Science on a Grande Scale, was published more than two years ago in Litmus Magazine. But it’s getting attention now, with more people turning to home-brewed coffee and wondering how to make it better.

Take, for instance, something as small as one notch on the grinder:

the distribution of sizes of coffee

grinds can mean the difference between a spiritual coffee experience

and trauma for your taste buds. The size of the grinds determines the

surface area of contact between the coffee and the hot water or steam

being used to extract the tasty compounds from the coffee.

Fujita’s biggest accomplishment is giving a name to the perfect crema on a head of espresso.

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