Estelle (yes, that Estelle) played Riot Room (yes, that Riot Room) last night

Last night at the Riot Room, the headliner took the stage in poppy-red lipstick and a gold, strapless tunic and announced, “My name is Estelle, and I write songs about boys.”

As if anyone needed an introduction. The Riot Room on a Monday night seemed like an oddly low-key venue for an artist accustomed to huge stages (like the VooDoo Lounge with Beyonce’s sister, in 2009). But it quickly became apparent that this devoted mob would have turned out for Estelle if she’d played the men’s room at Harling’s. Estelle even had the nerve to demand some two-stepping from the audience. Two-step? The crowd was so smushed, nobody could take two steps in any direction.

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