Escaping the hordes at the grocery store

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Harrowing tales of near collisions from the aisles of the grocery store leave one couple looking for which day of the week is the safest to go shopping. [Frighteningly Uncommon Sense]

Summer treats from around the city and a recommendation on a scoop shop serving vegetarian chili dogs. [The Making of a Foodie]

Animals are not often like they’re portrayed in the cartoons. And then you see a video of a marmot eating a biscuit. [Serious Eats]

David Goebel, the former CEO of Applebee’s, will replace Joe Bisogno as the CEO of Mr. Goodcents Subs & Pasta. Bisogno, the founder of Mr. Goodcents, will stay on as chairman of the board. [The Kansas City Business Journal]

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