Eric Melin, air guitarist and Pitch Music Awards host, answers The Pitch‘s Questionnaire

: Eric Melin

Occupations: Social-media marketing manager, Spiral16; film critic,, KCTV Channel 5, Lawrence Journal-World; drummer, the Dead Girls

Hometown: Olathe

Current neighborhood: Lawrence

What I do (in 140 characters): Create and curate great content in the social-media, movie and rock-and-roll arenas. Enjoy life with my wonderful friends and family.

What’s your addiction? Movies and rock ‘n’ roll, baby. Cross them both and I’m over the moon. Seriously, can anything beat This Is Spinal Tap, Almost Famous or Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park for sheer awesomeness in all directions?

What’s your game? U.S. Air Guitar: a competitive sport/performance-art form that appeals to all sides of my personality and sense of humor, plus the committed community of nerdy rockers who support and participate in it each year.

What’s your drink? Beer. Right now, I think Boulevard’s Tank 7 might be the best thing I’ve ever tasted, but when I drink cheap (usually at a show), it’s High Life or PBR.

Where’s dinner? Any Mexican joint with unlimited chips, bean/cheese dip and Negra Modelo with a lime. So pretty much any Mexican restaurant.

What’s on your KC postcard? A collage of the couple hundred or so truly great original rec-ords made by area bands in the last 20 years. This town seriously undervalues its original musical talent.

Finish this sentence: “Kansas City got it right when … ” It remodeled and added the classy, high-tech Mainstreet theater (first AMC, now Alamo Drafthouse) to its neon-lit, Mall of America – style downtown.

“Kansas City screwed up when … ” It got lazy and decided parking was too much of a hassle to support it. Seriously, people. We have an amazing, community-centric theater with great programming, tons of special events, a full bar/menu and insanely delicious gourmet feasts, and you’re worried about paying $2 for parking? Also neglected but rising, thanks to new management: Screenland Armour. Great guys with vision. Support specialty houses and original programming or they’ll disappear. You’ll never run out of places to see Grown Ups 2, you know.

“Kansas City needs … ” To go out more.

“In five years, I’ll be … ” Hosting a game show.

“I always laugh at … ” Mr. Show With Bob and David, the most inventive, absurd and consistently funny sketch-comedy show since Monty Python.

“I’ve been known to binge-watch … ” Freaks and Geeks.

“I can’t stop listening to … ” Erik Voeks’ new EP, Finulu, and Mikal Cronin’s MCII.

“I just read … ” Nightmare Town, a collection of short stories from Dashiell Hammett, the master of pulp-noir fiction.

The best advice I ever got: “Wherever you go, there you are.” – Peter Weller, in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension.

Worst advice? “Call your album Open Up and Say Awesome.”

My sidekick? Nick Colby/Peter “Stiff” Dickens, my partner-in-crime/manager/trainer for U.S. Air Guitar and bass player for the past 16 years in Ultimate Fakebook and the Dead Girls.

My dating triumph/tragedy? I elbowed my prom date in the face doing an Axl Rose dance. True story. #tragedy

My brush with fame: Appearances on VH1’s World Series of Pop Culture and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, before Meredith Vieira left and it got all weird and complicated. My eternal shame: hair gel and The Wings of the Dove. You only remember the ones you got wrong.

My 140-character soapbox: OMG KC. Rockfest equals your idea of a moneymaking music festival? Generic, one-word bands with riffs so tired, Nickelback threw them out? #UCanDoBetter

My recent triumphs: Winning the U.S. Air Guitar Northeast Semifinal in NYC and getting nominated for a fifth Pitch Music Award with the Dead Girls.

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