EPA to re-investigate Bannister Federal Complex for inclusion on Superfund’s National Priorities List

The EPA has a Hazard Ranking System for areas that have been designated so polluted that they require federal funding for their cleanup. Superfund sites are toxic, but Superfund sites on the EPA’s National Priorities List are really toxic — think the Love Canal in New York. Think Blinky.

Three different Superfund sites exist at the Bannister Federal Complex, home to sick workers from the General Service Administration’s offices and the Kansas City Plant, which makes non-nuclear parts for nuclear weapons. None of the Bannister sites are currently on the National Priorities List. Now, because of an April 15 request sent by the Sierra Club and the Kansas City chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, the EPA’s Region 7 will “conduct a full and complete reinvestigation and reassessment of the entire Bannister Federal Complex,” according to a press release issued today by David Bryan of the EPA.

“Jubilant. Excited.” That’s how Ann Suellentrop of Physicians for Social Responsibility says she feels in light of the announcement.

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