End-of-Day Roundup: Jazz links, Cake photos and more

A number of things plopped into my inbox, across my RSS reader and into and out of my pants today, so I thought I’d share with a quick little mixed-bag post here at the end of another day in Pitch-land.

Bill Brownlee is jazz hero man of the day. Not only did the local blogger write this killer review of the People’s Liberation Big Band’s Battleship Potemkin project, he also debuted a jazz events calendar that’s an offshoot of his jazz blog Plastic Sax.

We don’t have a review of Cake‘s sold-out show at the Crossroads this past Saturday, but unlike those other reviews (which is actually the same review), we have the photos! Until today, I never knew what the lead singer looked like.


What’s with the glove? Does it perhaps display his solidarity for fellow used-to-be-good-in-the-90s act G. Love & Special Sauce?

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