Empty Glass: Fists Up

Empty Glass is a weekly post devoted to furthering the alcoholic rock star image and mythos. That’s right, kids — drinking has no negative side effects and makes you look cool, to boot.

For the debut of this feature, we talked to the gents in Kansas City pop-punk act, Fists Up. They’re playing this coming Monday, March 8, at the Jackpot in Lawrence with Dead to Me, Cobra Skulls, and Bent Left.

What’s your favorite drink, and where do you like to drink it?

Brad Schauffler (guitar/vocals): Miller High Life (bottle), in my recliner, because I’m too cheap to go out or buy anything else.

Hunter Malone (bass/vocals): Boulevard Pale Ale, in the bottoms, because I like benching the choo choo trains.

Paul Gibson (guitar/vocals): Shiner Bock, at the News Room, because Shiner Bock fucking rules! And no one else has it.

Brandon Micheal (drums): Brass Monkey, naked in the tub…

The band is currently looking for someone to release their Six Feet Under EP.

MP3: Fists Up, “Empty Bottles”

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