Emanuel Cleaver won’t leg go of his ‘sugarcoated Satan sandwich’ statement

  • Emanuel Cleaver refuses to eat his lunch.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver really must think he has hit on something special with his “sugarcoated Satan sandwich” reference to the debt ceiling deal. Cleaver, in his e-newsletter, writes that he “will call a Satan Sandwich like I see it, but I will never call another person by that name.” Thanks for the clarification. He also says Matt Wuerker’s cartoon for Politico (seen on the right) “says it better than I could.” That didn’t stop Cleaver from trying to explain away.

“This debt deal was a terrible deal, without balance or real compromise,” Cleaver wrote. “Democrats got nothing in this deal, but what truly troubles me is that the American people got less than nothing. I still believe that the budget of the United States is a moral document; it should reflect our commitment to protect the poor and the middle-class, defend our commitments to seniors, and make wise investments to create good jobs and strengthen our economy.”

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