Emanuel Cleaver spit on, called ‘n’ word by tea partiers but still votes for health-care reform

Calling Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II the “n-word” and spitting on him isn’t the way to winning his vote. Go figure. Cleaver wouldn’t be bullied and voted for health-care reform, which passed the House 219-212 last night, sending the bill to President Obama to sign into law.

Earlier this weekend. tea party protesters chanted “Kill the bill, nigger” at Cleaver and members of the Congressional Black Caucus who attended a speech on health care by the president on Saturday.

“It was a chorus,” Cleaver told McClatchy Newspapers. “In a way, I

feel sorry for those people who are doing this

nasty stuff — they’re being whipped up. … I decided I wouldn’t be angry

with any of them.”

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