Electric Six

This Detroit-based band’s reputation as a comedy act was forever cemented with its video for a cover of Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga,” but that’s not how Electric Six frontman (and sole remaining founding member) Dick Valentine sees it. After all, the band had been solidly touring for quite a few years before the video’s release and had a number of hits under its belt, including the mildly offensive “Gay Bar” and “Danger! High Voltage,” which appeared on its debut album, Fire, six years ago. On its latest release, Kill, E6 continues to walk the fine line between tongue-in-cheek humor and serious music. For instance, “Egyptian Cowboy” seems to spoof ’70s David Bowie with its weird sound effects and falsetto choruses, while “Escape From Ohio” showcases the talents of guitarist (and album co-producer) Zach Shipps. No longer the major fan magnet it used to be, the band seems happy to be able to continue working while maintaining its cult status.

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