Best of Kansas City 2021: A little Birdie told us to treat ourselves

Birdie Hansen, of Effing Candle Co., sits with her arms on the table in front of her. A stack of five candles with white labels and gold lids sits to her right. Behind her are some wick trimming tools on a wooden credenza.

Birdie Hansen of Effing Candle Co. (formerly Gifts by Birdie. // Photo by Zach Bauman

Ne’er a significant deadline goes by in The Pitch office where we aren’t burning a candle from Gifts By Birdie, soon to be rebranded as Effing Candle Co. Created by Birdie Hansen, this woman-owned and LGBTQIA-friendly business espouses joy and relaxation.

You simply cannot be in this office without hearing at least one person declare, “Birdie is a gift from God!” each week. [We’re enjoying a sexy little saffron and tobacco candle as we’re writing this now.] Hansen has much to brag about when it comes to her hand-poured product, from the all-natural vegan wax to the eco-friendly wooden wicks.

But perhaps her greatest superpower is her caustically brilliant candle names that refuse to beat around the bush. Care for a whiff of “Josh Hawley Sucks?” How about “Get Fucking Vaccinated?” We are particular fans of “Eat the Rich, Peg the Patriarchy.” Take fate into your own hands and make your day a little better: follow Hansen on Twitter.

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