Eat This Now: Zero Zero Handmade Pappardelle

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Pappardelle pasta from Zero Zero Handmade Pasta. // Photo by Kala Elkinton

As the cool air starts to make its presence known in Kansas City, we turn to comfort foods. Soups, bread, and of course, pasta. 

Boxed noodles may not pinch a pasta craving the way homemade noodles at Kansas City’s finest Italian joints would, but who has the time? Cue Zero Zero Handmade Pasta. Zero Zero just opened up a brick-and-mortar spot over on the Westside, but they’ve been serving up homemade pasta for customers to take home from the Brookside Farmer’s Market for over a year now. 

The Zero Zero team uses stone-milled locally grown wheat flour and, as often as possible, “ugly” vegetables from URBAVORE farm for some of their more “non-basic” pasta.

The team creates decadent products like Lemon + Garlic Agnolotti and Truffle Burrata Agnolotti. If you’re a first-timer and overwhelmed by the flavor combos, start with the tried and true Pappardelle Pasta. Pappardelle is a staple of the Zero Zero offerings, so you can usually count on it, and it’s a good hearty noodle.

The Pappardelle is simply made with free-range eggs, extra virgin olive oil, and salt and rolled into wide, long noodles. Perfect for a deep bolognese or a rich brown butter sage sauce, pair with a glass of wine and a piece of Zero Zero’s homemade focaccia for the perfect cozy date night with a loved one, or just for yourself.

Zero Zero Handmade Pasta is located at 1702 Summit St., Kansas City, MO 64108. 

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