Eat This Now: Cinnamon Rolls from Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls

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Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls // Photo by Sarah Sipple

These cinnamon rolls are a sweet, gooey, double-edged sword. On one hand, they are great cinnamon rolls. On the other hand, it means disappointment in other cinnamon rolls henceforth.

My most, most favorite thing is the feedback I get from customers when they try my rolls for the first time. It’s my goal to be the standard that all other cinnamon rolls are compared to,” says Dan Edwards, Chief Baker at Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls.

For this Makers issue, Edwards instantly came to mind. Kansas City is a trove of talented bakers and chefs both in and out of traditional restaurants. Tin Pan does not operate from a storefront and instead offers home delivery in the Kansas City area. Specifically, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings—mine have arrived around 8:30 a.m. each time.

Oh, and the best part? They’re still warm when Edwards hands you the gleaming pan.

The key difference in these cinnamon rolls lies in Edwards’ focus on the namesake ingredient. If you’ve ever wanted a cinnamon roll to be more cinnamon-y, these are for you. They don’t reach the edge of spiced–the amount of cinnamon is shocking but they do remain sweet and balanced. Instead of a cream cheese frosting, Edwards is committed to a traditional powdered sugar frosting. The pure sweetness balances the earthiness of the cinnamon, rather than adding a savory-leaning element

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Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls // Photo by Sarah Sipple

The most surprising element of these rolls is that the outside layers are just as desirable as the final inside bite. Swimming in a pool of glaze is one way they stay moist for days, but the other is a baking technique called tangzhong that improves texture and delays the process of going stale. The extra step in the baking process means that those who don’t finish the pan in one sitting can enjoy fresh-tasting rolls for the next few days. I’ve found that 12 seconds in the microwave is the perfect amount to warm it and soften the frosting. 

If straight-up cinnamon isn’t your thing, you’re in luck. Through the end of October Tin Pan also offers an Apple Streusel roll featuring apples from Cider Hill Orchard in KCK. These rolls feature a cinnamon apple filling topped with crunchy cinnamon streusel and drizzled with vanilla glaze. 

Though a simple black coffee is an obvious pairing with these baked goods, Edwards has a specific recommendation from his years of expertise: a vanilla oat-milk latte from Rochester Brewing and Roasting, located in Parkville and Crossroads. 

Tin Pan’s delivery radius is 25 miles around downtown KC, give or take. If you’re between Liberty to Olathe and Western Shawnee to Blue Springs, you’re in luck. Consider this a warning, however: once you have these warm, strong, and gooey cinnamon rolls, you may find yourself never ordering one again at another restaurant or bakery. They’ll likely taste like disappointment.

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