Eat This Now: Chocolate Cream Pie at Ladybird Diner

Ladybird Diner Pie By S Sipple 3 1

Chocolate Cream Pie at Ladybird Diner. // Photo by Sarah Sipple

There’s nothing like popping into a timeless diner to cool off and pause than with a cold mason jar of iced tea and a slice of chilled pie. Ladybird Diner on buzzy Mass. Street in downtown Lawrence has been serving comfort food and fresh pie since 2014, but their impact goes far beyond one tasty meal.

In 2020, when folks, as well as restaurants, were struggling with pandemic-related shutdowns and pivots, Ladybird Diner provided thousands of free meals and grocery boxes to anyone in need. The program persisted for well over a year, bolstered by proceeds from their book of essays, Ladybird, Collected. Since then, they have hosted fundraising events for The Willow Domestic Violence Center and Vote No Kansas in support of reproductive rights, provided free soup and hot coffee on snow days, and much more in service to their community.

But back to the pie. Coconut Cream Pie is a classic, and no one does it better than Ladybird. However, the Chocolate Cream Pie stands out above all other chocolate pies. First, the chocolate filling is darker than any other. The flavor is more like creamy chocolate cake batter– or even a ganache—than a light chocolate mousse that is common in this pie genre. It is so rich that you may want to share, but that’s a great reason to just order a second slice. Coconut Cream brings a lighter taste, with true nutty flavors and a crust that keeps it all intact but remains flaky and secondary to the filling.

Ladybird Diner is open for breakfast and lunch on Mass. Street in downtown Lawrence Wednesday through Sunday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

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