Eagles of Death Metal

It all makes for an entertaining show, but if you look past Eagles of Death Metal‘s winking irony, goofy mustaches, smirks, aviator glasses, devil horns, super-rawk poses and Spinal Tap-worthy album and song titles (Death By Sexy, “I’m Your Torpedo,” “Prissy Prancin’,”etc.), you’ll find a band with some serious chops that’s getting better with each disc. No wonder, really, because EODM is led by Queens of the Stone Age mastermind Josh Homme, for whom the quartet serves as a relatively lighthearted release from his main gig, and by Homme’s good pal, singer-guitarist Jesse Hughes. Like Electric Six and Supersuckers, EODM indulges in hard rock, disco, boogie rock, country blues, and straight-up pop on its new Heart On — often within the same song. If you can’t abide all the accomplished riffage wrapped inside a huge dose of over-the-top humor, then the joke’s on you.

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