Eagle Scout

Resembling Cursive, circa 2002, is the Greenville, Illinois, quintet Eagle Scout. It goes beyond singer and guitarist Brandon Hunter’s caterwauling croon — a near replica of Tim Kasher’s hard-bitten tenor. It’s in the chunky angularity of the guitar, which slashes out post-punk echoes of D.C. heroes Jawbox and Shudder to Think, and in the stuttering dynamics that go from slow to fast-soft to loud-sung to shouted and back again in a dizzying rush. The transitions display great craftsmanship, forging an evocative sound that’s a lot closer to emo’s original intent than anything on Drive-Thru Records. Eagle Scout’s terrific debut EP, Pandamonium, crackles and soars, particularly on the chunky guitar tangle of “U.S. Americans,” with its affirmation, We don’t need salvation because we only care about ourselves. This show serves to heighten anticipation for February’s debut LP, New Hands.

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