Dukakis People

Remember Bowfinger? In that movie, Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) is so dead-set on having Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) star in his sci-fi B-movie that he shoots his flick guerrilla-style, hijacking Kit in public with video cameras, psycho actresses and slime-spewing aliens, unintentionally exacerbating the deep paranoia from which the made-up megastar already suffers. This new album from Kansas City’s Dukakis People evokes that storyline, only with Lenny Kravitz playing the role of a famous musician (one of the titular used animals?) who’s been duped into contributing to a record of incompetent electro funk. The co-stars are Casio-ass drum programming and electric guitar and bass that sound at times either out of tune or in other keys altogether. And then there’s this guy who sounds like a sedated Kravitz moaning lines such as You left me at the schoolhouse door.

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