Dubstep vs. Hip-Hop Session #1

Like a burgeoning field of thought in physics, dubstep is fluid, unpredictable and hard to fathom. It leads listeners in unexpected directions across steady-rolling waves of sub-bass, through spark showers of twittering beats. Born in the U.K. out of the garage scene and informed by reggae, dubstep is a strange soundtrack for a hip-hop show, especially one in Kansas City, but on Wednesday, rap group CES Cru and one half of local DJ duo Bassline Pressure, Spider Bigger, get together for a live, unrehearsed set of dubstep rhythms and hip-hop flows. According to event co-planner (and former Pitch contributor) Chris Milbourn of Demencha Magazine, MCs Ubiquitous and Godemis of CES will rap mostly their own lyrics over Bigger’s beats, adjusting verbal cadence and rhythm accordingly — and frequently. Here’s hoping that CES’ brave theories on combining cutting-edge dance music with hip-hop hold up. Whatever happens, it’ll be an interesting experiment.

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