Drugs Are Bad, Create Amusing Newspaper Articles

So, a young girl in the UK made a request to one of those Make-A-Wish type charities. No big deal, except her wish was to destroy a bunch of garden gnomes with a guitar while she was dressed as AC/DC’s Angus Young.

Paige Jones admits she “may have been under the influence of anaesthetic when she made the request to Russells Hall Wishing Well charity,” reports the Metro.

No word on what Angus has to say about all of this.

I’d really like to make some sort of clever comment about this, but let’s be honest, here — there is absolutely nothing I could put in this space that would be anywhere near as interesting as the photo that you’ll see if you go check out the story.

I would do a Google search on this to see if anything of the like has happened before, but as with most Google searches, I’m afraid to find any new sexual fetishes I’ve yet to come across.

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