Dropping Daylight

Dropping Daylight must suffer from low self-esteem because this pop outfit makes some puzzling relationship choices. After hooking up with the pestilent kiddy-punk group Simple Plan and the annoying Jason Mraz for road stints, the Minneapolis-based quartet is now swapping stage sweat with lumbering rock-radio lug Breaking Benjamin. Daylight’s debut, Brace Yourself, contains assertive choruses — all spiking volume and melodic catharsis — so perhaps Dropping Daylight finally realizes it’s a smart, cute band that doesn’t have to settle for the first tour proposal that comes along. At its best, the group conjures images of a bulked-up Ben Folds, rocking the suburbs with extreme prejudice. And if the headliners’ fans don’t appreciate subtle vocal vulnerability, earnest harmonies and power-plinked piano, well, Dropping Daylight, it’s not you.

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