Drink This Now: Tropical Matcha Latte at Café Corazón

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Tropical Matcha Latte at Café Corazón. // Photo by Kala Elkinton

Now with two locations, Café Corazón is serving up a tropical matcha latte as part of its summer menu. The coffee shop recently added an array of dishes that lend to their Latinx and Indigenous heritage, including an Argentinian choripán and classic Cuban sandwich. They continue to serve up delicious coffee and Yerba Mate tea as well.

The tropical matcha latte is a fan favorite, even amongst all of the tasty new offerings.

They combine sweet mango with frothy and earthy matcha tea and finish it off with creamy coconut milk. The drink is simple and refreshing while served layered for a beautiful clean line effect.

The team at Café Corazón is warm and helpful, and their two locations are conveniently located in Westport and Crossroads. They are open seven days a week, perfect for a cool-down stop on that hot summer commute.

Café Corazón is located at 1721 Westport Rd., Kansas City MO 64111 and 110 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108. Hours vary by location.

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