Drink this Now: the daiquiri at Tiki Huna

A photo of the daiquiri from Tiki Huna

Photo courtesy of Tiki Huna

In the wrong hands, a tiki cocktail is a sickly sweet, instant headache in a glass. But in skilled ones, a tiki cocktail is basically as great as a cocktail can get. Fresh-squeezed juice, good rum, and spices in the right proportions can pack in the flavor. A good garnish (or, if you’re in a tiki bar, an over-the-top environment) is a total mood booster. 

Tiki Huna’s Trent Kesterson has the skilled hands for this job. At his bar in the Iron District in North Kansas City, he offers his own inventive recipes as well as a handful of rotating classics. One of those classics, the Daiquiri, is a perfect introduction to the good side of tiki drinks. 

A fruity daiquiri may sound the opposite of tempting—that is, until you sip and realize “Oh. This is how they are supposed to taste.” At Tiki Huna, Kesterson delivers that experience by paying tribute to a near-perfect recipe developed by Constante Ribalaigua (a famous Cuban bartender) beloved by Ernest Hemingway. White rum, maraschino liqueur, and simple syrup are shaken with fresh grapefruit and lime juices, then poured over chipped ice. It’s a bright, porch-pounding refreshment, and is guaranteed to only taste better the hotter it gets outside.

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