Drink This Now: The Guavarita at Buck Tui

Buck Tui 3

The Guavarita from Buck Tui. // Photo by April Fleming

If you are wondering, ”What is a Buck Tui?’”, you are forgiven. For now. Very soon though, there will be no confusion among KC’s food lovers. Owned by Pam and Teddy Liberda (Waldo Thai), Buck Tui is the soon-to-open Thai BBQ restaurant that has been selling out every Saturday at the Overland Park Farmers’ Market ahead of the restaurant’s official opening later this summer in South Overland Park. 

While much of the focus has justifiably been aimed at Buck Tui’s food (hello, brisket marinated in fish sauce and palm sugar), there’s a lot to be impressed with on the drink front as well. Several months back, the Liberdas chose to hire back the highly respected bartender Matsumoto Mari, who helped open Waldo Thai. At Buck Tui, Mari has designed a menu of transportive, vacation-inspired cocktails featuring Northern Thai ingredients and flavors. 

Some drinks may seem at least somewhat familiar to guests—like this Guavarita—but Mari knows how to take something special out of the everyday. For the Guavarita, she makes her own cold-pressed guava juice (first of all, just try to find fresh guava), and then she mixes it with palm sugar syrup, fresh lime juice, and tequila blanco. She shakes it furiously with ice before pouring the pink, foamy cocktail into a rocks glass. The results are crisp and fresh, and only enhance the bold Isaan flavors at Buck Tui.

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