Drink This Now: S’mores Latte at Lobby Market in Hotel Kansas City

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S’more Latte at Lobby Mark inside Hotel Kansas City. // Photo by Sarah Sipple

At a boutique hotel café, you should expect a boutique coffee experience. This is it.

The S’Mores Latte is a new feature at the Lobby Market inside Hotel Kansas City in the heart of downtown. Amid the rich lobby decor is a small but welcoming café. Crafted by expert barista Laura Clark, the balanced and fun latte features custom flavors, is best served hot, and works well with any milk option.

As the Messenger espresso is prepared, and the milk is steamed, the mug or to-go cup is smoked with cherry wood chips. This is the start of a sensory experience beyond taste alone.

Next, the espresso and house-made Smoked Vanilla Syrup are poured into the smoked vessel. Mini marshmallows are heaped on top and set ablaze. The sweet toasted fragrance lingers and catches the attention of guests walking by.

Finally, to bring in the chocolate element of a s’more comes the Cocoa Noir drizzle. Cocoa Noir is another house-made syrup containing cocoa, black cocoa, and vanilla bean paste from KC’s Sava Trading Co. 

The Lobby Market features a selection of pastries made by The Town Company’s Executive Pastry Chef, Helen Jo Leach. Also available at the market are exclusive J. Rieger & Co. bottled spirits. 

Lobby Market is located inside Hotel Kansas City at 1228 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, MO 64108.

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