Drink This Now: Salted Trail Mix Latte at Wild Way Coffee

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Salted Trail Mix Coffee at Wild Way Coffee. // Photo by Kala Elkinton

Kansas City is a coffee town. With the numerous coffee roasters, brewers, and mixologists around town, deciding where to caffeinate each weekend is a difficult decision. Among the many popular java spots, customers can find the adorable Wild Way Coffee camper bebopping around Kansas City. 

Wild Way Coffee has made it a mission to provide the most sustainable product possible. They serve up lattes in compostable cups with compostable lids, design fun swag with recycled materials, store materials in reusable containers, and locally source ingredients so customers can feel good about getting their fix. 

This fall, Wild Way Coffee has brought back several fall favorites, including the Salted Trail Mix Latte served hot or iced. The Salted Trail Mix Latte combines your espresso with nutty tahini-infused milk—dairy or oat—and is sweetened with maple syrup. The drink is lightly salted and topped with toasted sesame seeds.

It’s not on-the-nose fall like traditional pumpkin spice; it’s better. It will definitely make you feel like you’re walking along a crunchy red and orange leaf-littered trail through the woods in a cozy flannel shirt.

Check Wild Way Coffee out on Instagram to see how to find the camper’s location each weekend. 

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