Drink This Now: Bourbon Caramel Latte at Sway Coffee Roasters

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Photo by Ivy Anderegg

Up and comers, Sway Coffee Roasters are bringing the heat in their new Rosedale café space. Opening in September 2022, they are paving their way among the city’s collection of well-loved coffee shops.

The Bourbon Caramel Latte is completely decadent, pairing perfectly with the incoming cold weather. Using their own rendition of a classic Italian espresso blend, Sway’s drinks have a darker profile that maintains subtle sweetness and hints of raspberry and rose. Their handcrafted Bourbon Caramel syrup is smoky and sweet, warming the senses with robust spiced flavor that lingers after each sip.

Enjoy the drink with a pastry from McLain’s Bakery and take a seat in the cafés cozy reading nook. The abundance of windows provide beautiful natural lighting, giving the café an ever-changing ambience that shifts with weather and seasons.

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