Drink This Now: A Chartreuse Swizzle at Chartreuse Saloon

The vibrant green Chartreuse Swizzle sits in a glass on a green and black checkered table

The Chartreuse Swizzle at Chartreuse Saloon. // Photo by April Fleming

Any bar run by the James Beard Award-nominated entrepreneur and bartender Jill Cockson is bound to have great cocktails.

At her newest Crossroads pool hall, Chartreuse Saloon, she keeps it simple: billiards, checkers, nachos, and beer, all in a vivid chartreuse space.

But Cockson hasn’t strayed too far from her deep cocktail roots. So rest assured that the Chartreuse Saloon also features a drinks menu with several surefire crowd-pleasers.

The offerings include a Gold Rush made with Four Roses, a Chandelier boasting an electric dust rim, and a Bloody Mary made with pico-infused Tom’s Town vodka and a tajin-dusted rim. No bad choices.

Then there’s the namesake cocktail, the Chartreuse Swizzle. It starts with the vivid, Kermit-green chartreuse, along with Genepy de Alps (an almond liqueur), fresh pineapple, and lime.

It’s topped with an orange foam made with Amaro Montenegro and is served in a tall, slim glass jar. 

The Chartreuse Swizzle is far too easy to drink—it smells citrusy and tastes pleasantly tart.

Best of all: at the Chartreuse Saloon, Cockson aims to offer a good experience and drinks at an atypically affordable price point: $10. For the ingredients and the hospitality, that’s hard to beat. 

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