Downtown wig shop loses court appeal

The owners of Gigi’s Wigs and Beauty Supplies — one of the few small businesses in downtown Kansas City’s South Loop to avoid the wrecking ball — have lost an appeal of the city’s decision to condemn their building.

The Kansas City Tax-Increment Financing Commission offered the shop’s owners, Chung Hoe Ku and his wife, Myong Suk Ku, $335,000 for their land in 2004. The TIF Commission sought the property in order to accommodate Copaken White & Blitt, a company that manages Town Pavilion, 1201 Walnut and other downtown properties. Copaken lost parking when the TIF Commission assembled land for the Power & Light District. (Barbecue man Danny Edwards, the Kus’ neighbor, was also told to skedaddle.)

The Kus fought the condemnation. Their lawyers argued that the use of eminent domain was improper, since the city hadn’t clearly identified a public purpose.

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