Downright Creepy launches Crickets Podcast Network

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Downright Creepy, a Kansas City-based media outlet, launched its new podcast network for the strange and unusual on Sept. 24. The Crickets Podcast Network will stream three bi-monthly podcasts including Creepcast, Black Magic Coven, and Super Creepy Funtime Hour, with many more to follow.

Tim “KC” Canton and Adam Roberts kick off the series with Creepcast. It covers the creepiest of news with additional news and reviews. It celebrates all things weird through movie-centric shows that focus on reviews, toys, games, and bizarre headlines.

Black Magic Coven will focus on paranormal, supernatural, and unsettling discussions involving cryptids and killers with spooky hosts such as Austinite Marisa Mirabal. This bi-monthly podcast will run for 12 episodes.

Jenius McGee, the Kansas City Horror Club president and co-host of Nightmare Junkhead, co-hosts Super Creepy Funtime Hour, tackling strange topics such as joining a cult and alien abductions. The hosts provide first-hand accounts of their experiences through dark humor and improv. It’s also bi-monthly and runs for eight episodes.

It’s spooky season and there’s no better way to get in the mood than with Downright Creepy. Each podcast listed has episodes already out.

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