Download Wayward Blog’s Valentine’s Day mix

It’s been a while since we’ve done a mix for you here at Wayward Blog, but considering Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, it seemed appropriate to hook you up with some holiday-themed listening.

For Valentine’s Day, we tried to avoid overplayed numbers you’re likely to hear repeatedly over the next few days. We also wanted to make sure that these songs were universal.

You’ll not hear any specific names (no “Jamie” or “Jenny”), nor any songs with regards to eye and hair color (no “Brown-Eyed Girl”, either). These aren’t songs about falling in love — they’re about being stone in love or lust, and how that special someone makes you feel. Hopefully, you’ll find something here amongst these songs that reminds you of your sweetheart.

Download Wayward Blog’s Valentine’s Day mix, Be Mine, Valentine.

Thanks to Sonic Spectrum’s Robert Moore for cluing us into the rare AC/DC track, “Love Song.” This little-known Bon Scott-fronted tune was a perfect fit for the mix. The track listing is after the jump.

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