Download the Twin Tigers Automatic EP

Since Athens-based psych rockers Twin Tigers started their tour with Minus the Bear and the Antlers this week, they’ve decided to give away some music to entice you to show up early and catch their set.

It stands to reason that if you get to hear some music, you’re more apt to see a band live. I’m certainly more likely to listen to music that I can throw on my iPod than something I’m required to hear via MySpace, as well, so the idea of something that resides on my hard drive is a nice incentive to sign up for a band’s mailing list.

The Twin Tigers open for the Antlers and Minus the Bear at the Granada on Monday, November 23. Their debut album, Grey Waves, comes out in January on Old Flame Records.

Sign up for their mailing list, and get the Automatic EP for free.

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