Download the Heat Machine’s No Coast Dance Party

Lincoln, Nebraska. An unlikely setting for a band that sounds like Dance Hall Crashers, but there you are. The Heat Machine plays sunny, two-tone styled ska with dual female vocals that are pure and sweet.

Formerly the Incredible Heat Machine, the band’s passed through this area a couple of times. On their various tours, they caught the attention of Asbestos Records, who released No Coast Dance Party late last year. There’s a fairly accurate review of the record over at Alternative Press, who aptly point out that the record’s final track, a toss-off country version of “Bottlerockets,” is probably the best thing the band has done.

However, you can take a listen and decided for yourself, as the label has seen fit to post the whole thing for download. If you like it, you can head over to the Asbestos website and buy a copy on LP.

Download the Heat Machine’s No Coast Dance Party (left click, Mediafire)

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