Download Sufjan Stevens and Postal Service, Sam Billen style

Sam Billen has a series of confections for your collection: he’s releasing his sweet electro-pop take on lovingly rendered cover songs. He’s compiling them on an album later in the year called Removers, to promote last year’s release, the subtle and soft Headphones and Cellphones. So far, he’s released six (five covers and one remix, if you’re picky), and there are more to come. Right now, you’ll find some local love (like Billen’s remix of Capybara‘s “The Wimp,” and a cover of the Republic Tigers‘ “Made Concrete”), comfortable indie favorites (Postal Service, Sufjan Stevens) and some more obscure picks (Deastro, Yellow Magic Orchestra). Stream and download all of the new covers here, and watch for one to two more emerging each month.

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