Download some new tunes from Hellyeah and Band of Horses

Could these bands be more opposite?

Hellyeah is a hard rock band made up of members of Damageplan, Nothingface, and Mudvayne. Their name just sounds like a hard rock band:

“Who you listening to?”


“Fuck, yeah, dude!”

Sign up for their mailing list, and they’ll send you a free download of “Cowboy Way.” That’s a song off their new album, Stampede, due out July 13, and not the movie featuring Woody Harrelson.

Band of Horses has a name that evokes both the Band, and the song by America, “Horse With No Name.” They are as mellow as Hellyeah is rocking. Their new album, Infinite Arms, is out May 18, and you can download “Factory” with the little widget below.

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