Download live songs from American Catastrophe, Hipshot Killer, the Afterparty y mas, courtesy of the Midwest Music Foundation

About a month ago, the Midwest Music Foundation launced its Stay Tuned concert series at Davey’s with a creme-de-la-creme show featuring local bands Mr. Marco’s V7, the Afterparty, Hipshot Killer, Thee Water Moccasins and American Catastrophe. It was a great night of music.

And it lives on! MMFer, Davey’s bartender, soundman and Gaslights guitarist Chris Meck was on hand with a state-of-the-art recording setup to catch the proceedings, and today he posted 10 sterling songs from the show (two from each band), at the Foundation’s site. Stream them and/or sign up for the MMF newsletter (which you should do anyway) to download them all for free.

Stream/MP3: Stay Tuned

I’m listening to them now, and they sound … (takes a breath) … awesome.

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