Download Darker My Love’s Debut For Free

It never fails to amaze me when record labels give up their stuff for free. Similar to what Magic Bullet Records did, but not to such an extent, it’s starting to become the norm for smaller labels to offer the occasional release for free, if only for a limited time.

Well, it appears Dangerbird Records offers up the bonus disc to Dappled CitiesGranddance and all of Darker My Love‘s self-titled album on their site. Considering the fact that Darker My Love is on the upward track, it’s unsurprising that Dangerbird is willing to give up the money they’d make from the album sales, and instead drive visitors to their website to buy the new record, 2.

Darker My Love is also playing the Riot Room on October 1, with Waiting For Signal opening.

Download Darker My Love – Darker My Love

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